The Currrved Surface

December 28, 2007


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Well… long in contemplation…. short in activation. I have begun a blog.  So strange to sit here typing to myself in the vainglorious hope others will find me and then find my thoughts and wunderings… interesting. Am I different? Am I interesting? Is there another blog out there with the EXACT SAME words strung together in the exact same way?

We’ll see… said the blind man.

An introduction seems to be in order. I am Jason D. Blackwell. Computer Tech by trade, Virginian by grace of God and an aspiring writer in my dreams. Husband, Father, Homeowner, Hunter, Gun Owner, Unrepentant Republican (though with some strongly held disagreements with that Grand Old Party) and Unrepentantly Male… (this could be interesting after all huh?)

 My main reason for starting this is an unabashed hope for some small recognition as a writer. I am mainly interested in Sci-Fi and Military, Techno, Alternative History genres… I have completed a short story and am working on a novella that seems aspire to noveldom… though I think it is a foolish idea at this point. I remain unpublished and want to try this as a starting point and as a way to get regular practice at writing.

‘Nough for now…


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