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January 15, 2008

Ten Things I’ve Done You Probably Haven’t…

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In response to John Scalzi’s thrown gauntlet… here is my list of Ten Things… Please check out Scalzi’s list here.

1. Received a boob as a birthday present. (1, size ‘C’, silicone implant)(and nope, not “installed”)

2. Left home and moved in with your eighteen year old girlfriend… at sixteen.

3. Had your wife look up, raise an eyebrow and then simply go right back to her knitting in response to your accidentally firing a .25 caliber round into your LazyBoy.

4. Been to a Billy Joel concert… in the company of five women who were all “on a date” with you.

5. Gotten a friend’s sailboat jammed under a bridge by the mast… (yes, alcohol and skimpy bikinis were involved)

6. Been a bouncer at a Carly Simon concert…

7. Received, as a gift from your best friend, a (real) Katana… hand made by that same friend.

8. Had a ATF agent call you (at the gun shop where you were the night manager) and tell you there is a “possibility” that some suspects in the theft of several LAW rockets from a National Guard armory, “may” be in your area… (an interesting feeling)

9. Walk into a bar to find four ladies (whom you were dating at the same time) all sitting together in a booth… (another interesting feeling, preferred the LAW rockets actually)

10. Shot in a high-power rifle competition at Quantico Marine Base… with a Chinese made SKS rifle.


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