The Currrved Surface

Site Disclaimer and Use Policy

Please actually read this… for a change.


Everything written by me on this site consists wholly of My Personal Opinions (excepting for all comments, ect. written by others, which are Their Personal Opinions).

As most humans do, I hold strong opinions on a wide range of topics. There are those who may not (in fact I suspect some will not) agree with the opinions I express or my expression of them. This is a Personal Web Log, you are free to disagree, but any upset you may feel will be yours and yours alone.

As this is a Personal Web Log, as such I have no requirement nor mandate to fairness, consideration, or the niceties of polite society. These are my opinions in my words as I feel them at the moment I am moved by the muse.  Any offense is unintentional and is NOT the desired effect nor Raison d’être of my blogging here. I am simply freely expressing myself.

Remember, if you are here reading these words, you (for whatever reason) looked me up, not I you. If you are offended also remember, peace is but a mouse click away.

This site is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship run by an evil wicked smelly old bugger who will brook no interference in the WAY things are run here.


Please to comment freely. Please remember, the Evil Wicked Smelly Old Bugger does not have to play nice… but for the most part, you are requested to.

One of the real joys of this medium IS the ability for interactive discussion and forum. While I do hold very strong opinions on many subjects, the path taken to reach those self same opinions is littered with the detritus and leavings from former “strongly held opinions”… Those were often changed, modified or thrown out altogether through discussion and debate with others. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has at least one, and everyone gets a weird mix of pleasure and pain from thiers, and strangley sometimes, others. In other words, in the human scheme of things, opinons are necessary yet smelly things oft in need of a good scrubbing and airing out. I offer you a stiff bristled brush and a thick, soft (pre-heated) cotton towel. Please do not shit on either and we will get along swimmingly.

I hope to be able to, ‘edit in moderation’ (oh I do LIKE that one!) when at the wheel of any future dialogs. With that said, I reserve the right to edit, delete, etc., all comments, and to moderate all comment threads, as I see fit.

All comments with: phobic, bigoted, or overtly aggressive content (as defined by me); taking the form of personal attacks, threats, etc. towards myself or other commenters; anything totally unrelated to the topic at hand; ANYTHING of a commercial nature; por speling; lousy grammar; SHOUTING, general obnoxiousness and/or annoyingness (again as defined by me)… well, you get it right?

“The Establishment Reserves the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.”

Don’t like what you read here? Follow the Golden Rule: “Peace is but a mouse click away.”

I believe John Scalzi said it best, to baldly paraphrase…

A good rule of thumb is: Post as if the person to whom you are commenting is standing behind you, is armed, is pissed and has his lawyer present.

I hope in the future to have both visitors and comment threads to moderate. If so I will heartily participate.


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